• Knowledge of print media (lithography, mimeography, screenprinting, etc.)

  • Knowledge of bookmaking

  • Knowledge of graphic design

Accessibility Barriers:

  • Mobility: Studio space with a Risograph should accomodate for wheelchair accessibility. Height of the Risograph may be difficult for certain users to use

  • Vision: The screen on the Risograph can not be changed in size and can be inaccessible for certain people

  • Equipement/Technical: Access to a graphic design software, a computer, and paper material should be provided


  • Activities with a Risograph are accessible for people capable of hands-on activities but can also be accessible for those comfortable using the computer for designing. It is also possible to make hand copies of designs.

  • Time sensitivity: Print is a medium that requires a lot of time

  • Access to a large indoor space that has a studio space set up

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