How do I take maintain the machine ?

How can I make sure the machine is running well ? How do I continue to maintain it's performance ?

  • Regularly clean the inside of the machine , more specifically the pressure roller, regularly with a solvent (either SoGreen or Varsol). If you don't, the ink could catch on your paper and even cause paper jams

  • Clean the thermal plate each time you replace the Master copy. Be mindful that the thermal plate is very fragile and can create static electricity. Make sure you are not wearing clothing with conductable energy

  • Wipe and clean scanner and scanner cushion

  • Regularly use your machine ! The Risograph performs efficiently the more it is used

  • Properly input paperfeed settings to avoid jams *see diagrams below

  • Wipe down the exterior

  • Understand that each machine has it's quirks. Because Risograph's are manufactured overseas and older model parts are no longer manufactured, most Risograph's that people own are older and often second-hand. Which also mean that it often has it's own way of working. Here is a list of some of the quirks in our machine:


  • Our black ink drum often gets jammed when its' pulled out. Be a little more firm when pulling out and it will eventually release

  • Letter size (8 1/2 x 11'' ) even when it matches will often say that the papersize doesn't match. Overwrite the error and continue printing regardless

  • Imperfections happen ! Embrace them !

  • Master jams often happen. Don't be afraid to pull out the drum and manually pull the master copy out -- just make sure you wear gloves to avoid ink getting on your skin. Make sure you don't leave behind little pieces of master copy paper on the drum. This will block the image

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