Problems with Paperfeeding

My paper keep misfeeding, what do I do? My paper keeps multi-feeding, what do I do?

You can adjust the settings in the paperfeed tray just below the master disposal box. Make sure the tray is all the way down. You can put the tray down by pressing the green button that is right under the master deposal tray.

There you will see two dials....

TOP GREEN DIAL = adjusts multi-feeding/mis-feeding

Multi-feeding : means that it puts in more than one sheet of paper at the time

Mis-feeding : can come out in the form of a paper jam

IF it's multi-feeding, turn the dial clockwise

IF it's misfeeding, turn the dial counterclockwise

The one in the middle is the factory default settings. With regular paper, the dials should be put back to it's normal settings

As a general rule of thumb, when you are finished using Risa, put back the paper settings to normal for the next person

BOTTOM GREEN DIAL = adjusts the pressure separation

Thinner paper needs more pressure separation and thicker paper needs less pressure separation.

So for thinner paper, turn the dial clockwise, thicker paper turn the dial counterclockwise

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