What is a Risograph ?

What does this technology do ? What can this technology offer ?

A risograph is a machine that can print copies of digital images (computer-generated) using automated techniques of screenprinting and mimeograph, merging the digital with the analog.

It prints at very high speeds, uses 70-97% less energy than regular printers, and uses vegetal based inks & rice paper, making it an economic and eco-friendly option.

In a nutshell, this print technology offers is a unique retro look to your designs, printing with accuracy at the fracture of time and cost from other printers, making it a very attractive medium for any maker, group or business !

Meet our Risograph !

This is Risa, from the RZ 990 U Series

Environmental Sustainability of Risograph's

1. The ink is made from either soy or rice bran oil

Soy Ink uses vegetable oil and meets the standards specified in the American Soy Bean Association.

Rice Bran Oil is a raw material and contributes to environmental sustainability! When it's extracted, it doesn't release VOC's (Volatile Organic Compost). And after it's used, it can reused in fertilizer or as animal feed ! Full circle :)


VOC = Volatile Organic Compost which release toxic emissions into our water and air, eventually affecting plants, animals, & the human species

2. Master copies are made from rice paper

The master copy roll uses rice paper which means it's biodegradable and can be used as fertilizer or animal feed afterwards.

3. All Risograph ink catridges can be recycled

Risograph is partnered and registered with a tech recycling service called Metech. To recycle your catridge, click on the link below to fill in a request ! http://us.riso.com/about/recycling-program-form/

4. All Risograph's are energy-star certified

Models from the 80's + 90's use 95% less energy than regular photocopiers while current models use 75% less energy than regular photocopiers.


While the company has expanded to have distributors on a global level, all manufacturing happens in Japan. Older models that have been discontinued makes it hard to find or repair parts. The ones that do work often have it's own quirks, so embrace them !


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